About Fonzie

Image of pro wrestling manager Bill Alfonso holding ECW championship belts

Welcome to the official website for professional wrestling referee and manager Bill Alfonso (aka “Fonzie”)!

This site, along with my blog, will feature:

  • Photos
  • Video clips featuring me which exist on YouTube
  • Upcoming appearances
  • Links to interviews I have done
  • Stories about matches I have refereed
  • Stories about wrestlers I have managed
  • Other fun stories about my time in professional wrestling

More content is coming soon.  In the meantime, here is my Wikipedia page:

Also, I recently did a nearly two hour-long interview giving my recommendations on what I would tell anyone who wishes to become a professional wrestler or otherwise join the pro wrestling industry.  My interview is included in an audio series with other “how to become a pro wrestler” interviews featuring Rob Van Dam, Diamond Dallas Page, and others.

The link to get the nearly 7 hours of content will be coming shortly.  Once it does the link will appear on this page and on the other pages of this site.  I hope you like what I have to say to aspiring pro wrestlers, referees, managers, and others who want to become a part of pro wrestling!

Enjoy your time on the site and be sure to click the links to get any wrestling-related merchandise you want for your own collections or whenever you want to get a wrestling gift for someone.

Thank you for being a fan of pro wrestling and being a fan of “The Manager of Champions”, Bill Alfonso!

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